Reviewing the Past to Prepare for the Future

My favorite end-of-year ritual is reviewing the year from beginning to present to analyze what worked well, what did not, and the lessons learned from those experiences. I encourage everyone to try this out for themselves in order to grow from the past year. On that note, let’s get to reviewing!

The main point of this exercise is to keep things in perspective, celebrate what’s working, learn from what did not, and position my frame of mind for the upcoming year. It’s all about looking at life through the right perspective rather than the default, which is to dwell on what’s not working and forming negative thoughts from it.

With that being said, I will not only review 2019, but the past decade as a whole (I got the idea of reviewing the last decade from a podcast). A decade ago, I was a newly minted physician, wife, mother, and a new transplant to Indiana. I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when starting my family and beginning my career as an attending. Fast forward to now, I have transitioned to working from home as a telemedicine adult medicine physician. I have also established a coaching business to empower women physicians in business, their individual careers, and in their personal finances. 

As great as this “before” and “after” has been, I must say that the journey has been messy. There were amazing moments like having my second child, moving to Texas, and paying off my student loans. On the other hand, I went through burn out as a physician, which led me to discover coaching and working with a coach who transformed my life. The transformation was so amazing that it gave me the skills to help other women physicians thrive in life, finances, and their medical careers. What could have been the end of my career ended up equipping me to help others. I am humbled that what I acquired has transformed the lives of my clients. 

This year alone, my clients have done amazing things like pay off their student loans, pay off their cars, find their dream jobs, pass the boards after past failed attempts, change the cultures of their organizations, create multiple streams of income and cut back in their clinical careers, double their income without getting a second job, work from home, design a medical career path that fits them, and develop blueprints designed to help them thrive and win in their careers and finances. Some have started doing telemedicine, disability review, and have successfully started their DPC. Others have picked up side gigs in direct sales and have grown their businesses. I take joy not only in my personal successes, but in the accomplishments of my clients as well.

As you can see, a lot can happen in a year, and even more in a decade! I am now living the life that I never envisioned living at the beginning of the decade. And although I have been through many ups and downs, I appreciate and love every moment because it has shaped who I am and positioned me to live the life I am living at this very moment.

Enough about me! Did your decade go the way you anticipated? What do you want your next decade to look like? If you want a transformation in your personal finances, career, and business, hold yourself accountable or have a partner who can. Transformation does not have to be done alone– you can take your journey with a loved one, or even a coach. I’ll be happy to be that coach for you. We can work together to gain clarity on your current situation, and come up with a practical step-by-step plan to reach your goal(s); so feel free to reach out to me. Don’t let another year or decade go by without seeing the change you’ve always wanted!

Cheers to a prosperous 2020, and Happy New Year!

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