Reflecting on 2019: What Am I Thankful For?

Would you agree that 2019 flew by? Just like that, we’re at the end of the year! When reflecting from January 2019 till now, I can easily say that this has been quite an exciting year for me. It was a year of ups and downs, filled with personal and professional growth… but with growth comes discomfort. 

I have removed myself from my comfort zone many times and needless to say, that has made me uncomfortable. However, this is part of the growing process so I view it with a positive lens. I have to keep everything in perspective so that I will appreciate and be grateful for the things happening in my life. 

The practice of being thankful on a consistent basis is difficult, but uplifting. Over the weekend, I did my very first speaking gig! As much as this is an accomplishment, prior to that, I was facing a lot of internal drama, self-doubt, and lack of appreciation for how far I have come. Now that the dust has settled, I realize how blessed I am. Going forward, I will lead with gratitude instead of fear and self-doubt.

Sometimes, it takes reflecting and writing down my blessings to truly recognize how much there is to be grateful for…. So here goes.

I am grateful for: 

  1. A thriving coaching practice (according to paypal, it has improved by 600% compared to last year!)
  2. Eight podcast appearances
  3. Having a partnership with a skincare and wellness company (which has been surprisingly lucrative and has exposed me to a tribe of amazing women I get to spend time with) 
  4. Being on a mastermind with amazing, like-minded coaches
  5. Getting a lexus car bonus from my new side gig
  6. Consistently doing Facebook live sessions on Fridays
  7. Successfully launching the Physicians Money Bootcamp group coaching program
  8. Starting three Facebook groups: one for my coaching clients, and two for women physicians (Women Physicians for Multiple Streams of Income and Female Physicians for Debt Free and Wealthy Living)
  9. Having wonderful clients who are doing amazing things and being a blessing to others
  10. Focusing more on what I am passionate about, which is coaching about money
  11. Making new and amazing friends through social media 
  12. Having much better skincare products, thanks to my side gig
  13. Attending a Tony Robbins event for the first time, and walking on fire with one of my clients 
  14. Working from home full time
  15. Healthy and happy children
  16. Finding a church I love (shoutouts to Hope Fellowship Mckinney Campus!)
  17. Multiple awards from Toastmasters (shoutouts to Mckinney Motivators!)
  18. Becoming a “smartphonepreneur”
  19. My mom, sister, and best friend joining my skincare and wellness side gig
  20. Connecting with several social media friends face-to-face in Dallas
  21. Learning to automate parts of my business
  22. Amazing wellness products that boost my energy and help me to focus at no cost to me
  23. My first speaking gig
  24. My first e-book about money
  25. All of you– those who read my posts or partake in my content and/or services. I greatly appreciate your support and trust

Before making this list, my squirrel brain was telling me that many things were not working in my favor, but this list proves otherwise. I had no idea I would have such a long list! And certainly, it would be longer if I spent more time thinking about what unfolded in my life this year. 

Now, I encourage you to try this exercise. Think about how your year has been going, and be sure to do it with a positive outlook. With this mindset, put your pen to paper and just let it flow. You will be amazed by how many things you jot down! 

PS: I help physicians get out of debt, and live wealthy lives quicker using the magic of personal finance and multiple streams of income. If that is of interest to you Click this link to book a complimentary wealthy living consultation.

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