Productivity Hacks Learned From Santa

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In this moment, Santa Claus is working, working, and working some more. He is able to achieve an amazing feat every holiday season: making his list, checking it twice, and delivering all his necessary packages (while managing to indulge in all the cookies left behind for him). All of this had me thinking: “Santa is quite the productive guy… we can all (adults included) learn some great lessons from him.” 

For starters, Santa is a master at to-do lists. Making a to-do list will automatically set you up for productivity because priorities are set and organized. Santa makes a naughty or nice list so he can organize which kids get gifts (the nice ones), and which kids get coal in their stockings (the naughty ones). We can all learn to make a to-do list, which will help us keep track of what needs to be done.

Santa is also awesome at delegation. He recognizes that he can’t possibly do it all on his own, so he delegates elves and reindeer to take care of certain responsibilities. Some of us have to learn the hard lesson of not biting off more than we can chew. When that to-do list seems never ending, reach out to friends and family to share those responsibilities, or seek paid help.

On top of being the to-do list king and a pro at delegation, we can add “good listener” to the list of Santa’s strong suits. He listens carefully to what kids want, and delivers based on their requests. Being a good listener is a vital aspect of productivity. Listening carefully and gaining clarity on what needs to be done can be the difference between a day of hassle and setbacks, versus a smooth day of accomplishments. Being attentive and listening carefully prevents errors and duplicity of work.

Best of all, Santa has a great attitude and does his work with joy and a jolly “HO HO HO.” Attitude is everything. Complaining and worrying about getting stuff done only slows you down and attaches misery to every task. However the alternative, which is having a positive outlook and doing things with joy, opens up room to get more done. 

As you can see, we can all learn a thing or two or three from Santa about productivity. And on that note folks, have a Holly Jolly Merry Christmas! May you be happy, healthy, and at peace this holiday season!

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