How to Be Empowered

In life, we make a decision to view any situation in one of two ways: with a positive outlook, or a negative one. We can either look at the cup half full, and seek ways to fill the cup even more, or we can dwell on the cup being half empty. Whichever one we decide to focus on, is what we get more out of in life. Let me explain.

Unfortunately, for many of us, our default is to focus on problems rather than solutions; and the negative versus the positive. This natural response does not serve us well. In fact, it only creates misery and suffering. 

The issue with a negative mindset is that it brings people down instead of building people up. Empowerment is all about building up, and that is stumped when our mindset is geared toward what is wrong, as opposed to what is right, or what solutions exist. In order to empower yourself, your focus should be on what you want instead of what is not working. Even if things do not work out the way we want, dwelling on the negative does not improve anything, but setting our minds on solutions can

Here is what I know from experience: life is not a walk in the park. Half the time, it can suck… and the other half can be incredible. However, focusing on the part of life that did not pan out as expected will only bring feelings of hurt, misery, pain, sadness, anger… you get the point. These feelings are heavy and if they are present long enough, they become burdensome. Negativity is a load that many people don’t realize they carry.

However, if you take control of what you are dwelling on, and put your focus on what’s working, celebrate the small wins, and seek solutions for the things that need fixing, you will notice that your life will be so much brighter and freer. The possibilities become endless when your mind is fixed on the good. 

Empowerment is 100% about mindset and what we decide to feed it. Just like our bodies, if we feed our minds bad things (negativity), they will become sluggish and sick; but if we feed our minds with good things (positivity), they grow to be healthy and strong. Let’s empower ourselves by training our mind to find the silver lining in every situation, and we will be able to handle anything life throws at us!

I hope that you found this helpful!

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