How This Dr. Went From Burnout To Balanced Living: My Journey

I am Dr. Nana Korsah, MD currently practicing board certified internal medicine physician. I primarily work as a hospitalist. About three years ago I had an awakening. At that time I was working as a full time nephrologist working 80 to 100 hours in a week, my husband was away in another town in professional school, and I had two young children.  Elizabeth, and Dennis who are now 7 and 6 years respectively.

While I was working as a full time nephrologist, and trying to be a wife, and mother of two young children I began to wonder if I could live my life differently. I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, sleep deprived, low in energy, and not being fully present at home.

Apart from numerous school functions, birthdays, and holidays I missed, there were several soul searching moments as well. The one that stuck with me over the years was falling asleep while nursing my son. Between the buzzing sound of my pager, and a crying baby I still drifted off to sleep. Suddenly at 4am that morning my alarm went off. I woke up got ready for work, as I tried to quietly sneak out my daughter woke up, and said “Why do you always leave us?” That morning it was cold and below zero degrees coupled with snow. I nearly had a motor vehicle accident. Sobbing to myself as I drove to work I thought to myself something has to change.

Through it all I had thoughts like there has to be a better way, how can I make things better for myself. Luckily around that same time I discovered podcasts, started reading a lot of books which helped me to see life differently. It helped me to see that I have to be more intentional in my life, and basically live life on my terms. I subsequently found out about the coaching industry. And eventually I heard the woman who is now one of my mentors Dr. Philippa Kennealy, MD who is a Physician Coach on a podcast. I hired her, and I worked with her to redesign my life. By working with her I was able to completely transform my thinking, and my life. Instead of thinking medicine can be practiced only in the traditional setting. I had a mindset shift that made it possible to design a life that helped me to achieve my version of the elusive work life balance. Having more time, more energy, freedom, and flexibility to spend time with my family is very important to me. My current life reflects all of these priorities. I started self experimentation with different models of medicine on my own terms.

I have transitioned to working as a hospitalist on as needed basis. I have had time to pursue other passions such as life coaching by attending CoachU. The good news is I did not have to sacrifice my medical career, or my income in order to achieve work life balance. I wish I had known about life coaching way earlier in my life. What my coach did for me transformed my life, and I want to do the same for other physician moms like myself.

I have made it my life mission to equip physician moms with young children to have the elusive work life balance they desire by creating awareness, and transformation.

Feeling  overwhelmed, feeling pulled in all directions, tired of being tired, want more freedom, want more time freedom in your life, wondering where all your money went, want authority over your own choices, feeling like something has to change? If that is you, I hear you you are are part of my tribe. I will be happy to work with you to have work life design of your dreams.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Here is what I can help you achieve by working together. Redesign life on your own terms, have more inner peace instead of overwhelm, get more of your time back, being more present with your family, gain financial freedom, and also gaining more of the freedom, and flexibility you desire.

Curious or interested in coaching? Click this link to book a free 60min Balanced life Jumpstart session.

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