How Does Financial Freedom Lead to a Balanced Life?

When I started my transformational journey a few years ago, I did a great deal of research on how to live the flexible life that I desire. My research led me to several podcasts, blogs, books, and mentors who had already achieved what I sought. Among the piles of information I came across, I discovered that one of the pillars of living a balanced life is financial freedom. Even the best laid plans need fuel to run; and in this case, the “fuel” is money and a sense of ownership of one’s financial situation.

My curiosity led me to seek more information on financial independence and freedom, and even early retirement. Fascinated by what I uncovered, I thought, “I would love to be financially independent.” Financial independence is all about having enough wealth and investments to cover your life expenses without having to work. I mean, who doesn’t want that, right? However, I knew that this would take a longer period of time to achieve so I went for the next best thing: financial freedom.

I can admit that I didn’t know what financial freedom meant early on, but my research revealed that it is dependent on each individual. You get to decide. For many people, it means having the financial blueprint that would allow them to pursue the life of their dreams on their own terms. For others, it means having no debt, going on annual vacations, maintaining a savings amounts that can cover six months to a year of expenses, and having flexibility to do whatever they want without worrying about a lack of money. For me, financial freedom means being debt-free and having enough money saved to cover six months to a year of expenses (in order to give me the peace of mind I need to enjoy flexibility in my schedule and freedom with my family). When I decided on what financial freedom meant to me, I began working on a corresponding financial blueprint. It is still a work in progress but I am very close to achieving; and even so, it has already given me the luxury of living the balanced life that I envisioned.

Now ask yourself, “what does financial freedom mean to me?” You get to choose! While you’re thinking of this, also consider: can I imagine myself creating and sticking to the balanced life that I desire if I am concerned about financial stability? Is the extra time I spend at work for additional pay taking away from those special moments with my loved ones? Now picture what living a balanced life without worrying about finances would look like. Consider how many occasions and moments you can be present for in your family’s lives. Which one will you decide on? For me, I choose the latter.

Money certainly can’t buy happiness; but having your personal finances in order will give you the peace of mind you will need to pursue and maintain the balanced life you deserve!

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