Honor and Protect the Balanced Life You Deserve

If you have designed the balanced life of your dreams, congratulations! That is an awesome accomplishment. Sticking to that balanced life–however– is an entirely different challenge. This is something I can testify to because as they say, experience is the best teacher. When I decided to lessen the number of hours I work per month, I made it a point to revise my calendar so I can follow my new schedule. However, old habits die hard. I ended up working much more than I had planned so it is safe to say that I had difficulty sticking to my new schedule.

With much effort, paired with trial and error, I have finally figured out how to follow through with my designed life. When something is requested of me, I don’t rush to make a decision. I consult my calendar first to see if it is in alignment with what I want in my life, and if not, I kindly decline. I have also learned to delegate things that can interfere in my goal of having more free time (ex- I started using cleaning services).

Best of all, I have learned not to feel guilty for saying “no” by working on my mindset through self-coaching and journaling; because saying “yes” to things that are not in alignment with what I want is saying “no” to my goals. Once this becomes your mindset, it becomes easier to respond in ways that serve you best.

Designing a balanced life takes real thought, and living it takes both thought and action. There’s work involved in maintaining the life you have created for yourself; so protect it and honor it by making the effort to stick with it. As always, self-experimentation is the key to opening up new possibilities in your life so go ahead and put these tips to use!

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