Don’t Quit Your Medical Career Without Reading This

Flashback to a sunny morning in a small town in Indiana a few years ago. As bright as the day was, I was gloomy. I was a mix of fatigued, discouraged, stuck, unhappy, and just about ready to quit my career in medicine all together. I was not sure what my next move would be, but what I knew was that I was tired of being tired.

I knew that I could not navigate my next steps alone while being overwhelmed, so I hired a coach to help guide me. It turns out that she was a coach in the physician field as well! As comforting as this may seem, I actually felt guilty and ashamed of sharing my feelings of wanting to quit medicine with someone who is in the medical field. I feared potential judgement.

Eventually, I learned to reframe my mindset and become uncensored with my coach so that she could help me as best as possible. While working with her, it became evident that I do love medicine, but I don’t enjoy practicing it in the traditional 9 to 5 structure. This was very eye-opening, and has since pivoted my medical career into the direction I wanted it to go in. Once my likes and dislikes were pinpointed, I received a clearer understanding of the actions I needed to take next.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what I wanted, and the adjustments I made to suit those wants:

WANT: to be flexible and free with my time ACTION: quitting traditional practice and doing locums instead

WANT: to no longer be on callACTION: picking locum assignments without call

WANT: to work from home to avoid commuteACTION: switching to telemedicine

WANT: practice medicine at a hobby ACTION: developing my side gig to support me enough so I can work in telemedicine once a week

Making these changes has altered my life for the better, and I have witnessed my clients making similar adjustments as well. Here are some examples of how they live life on their own terms:

  • Working from home doing utilization chart review with a side gig in health coaching
  • Transitioning to an as-needed academic medicine physician with a side gig in professional speaking
  • Becoming a locum adult hospitalist with a blogging side gig
  • Switching to a different job with better culture and flexibility

If my clients and I can adjust our careers to suit our lives, you can do it too! If you are feeling frustrated or discouraged by the current state of affairs in medicine, completely leaving the field isn’t always the immediate fix. Rather, I encourage you to search for a way to practice medicine on your own terms!

Thank you for reading this post. My name is Nana and I help physicians go from being worried about money to being comfortable with it, while having options in their careers and lives as a whole. If this is of interest to you,  click this link to book a free consultation today. I look forward to speaking with you!