Being a Work-From-Home Physician Mom: Where to Begin?

Something that I wish I knew in my medical school days and in my early years as an attending is that what we intentionally fight for, what we focus on, and where our attention goes is what we will find success in. The truth is, in the past I was living unconsciously, not intentionality. I went to college, medical school, and did residency without pausing for a minute to consider what I really wanted. After I completed my training, it was work, work, work, get home late at night, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.

Some of my colleagues are living the same cyclic life. Despite large incomes, they are living from paycheck to paycheck and trying to navigate their way through the medical system machine. They feel like their job is draining their energy, and to make matters worse, there is an increase in negative feedback from administrators and documentation specialists that is burning physicians out. This has led to people feeling stuck in their careers and doubtful of how much longer they can stick it out.

I, too, was living in this fog four years ago. It didn’t result in anything magical. Instead, I became completely burned out and that was a big wake up call for me. I realized that I had to live life intentionally, and that came with learning to say “NO”, quitting traditional medicine, and exploring the multiple streams of income.

I quit my Nephrology job to do locums as an adult hospitalist, and recently transitioned to doing telemedicine with a company called MDlive. I also started exploring multiple streams of income with my coach four years ago, and I experienced such a positive major shift that I decided to become a life and finance coach myself. The best part of coaching is that I am my own boss, and I get to work from anywhere.

My dream of working from home has finally become a reality. I’m in a place in my life where I get to work from home, spend time with my young kids, and have time, location, and financial freedom. Now, I am passionate about teaching fellow physician moms that they can have the same opportunity if they want it.

Most recently, my coaching clients have been very interested in multiple streams of income so I started a Facebook group called “Women Physicians for Multiple Streams of Income,” where like-minded individuals join to motivate, inspire, connect, collaborate, serve, and sell to each other. Through this platform, I learned that direct sales is a very viable option in 2019 and a great stream of income. When it comes to direct sales, however, be very aware that your pitch may not be accepted right away. There is a sequence of feelings that people usually experience to process the information being given to them, which I learned from my fellow Neora brand partner (Neora is an anti-aging skin and wellness direct sales company):

1. INDIFFERENCE: I don’t even notice Alison’s posts.

2. SYMPATHY:  Bless her heart! Alison Webb has lost her mind over this Neora stuff. How did a doctor get involved with a scam (don’t worry….I was at this stage for a few weeks myself).

3. ANGER: She talks about Neora way too much. I’m blocking her!

4. DENIAL: “This could NEVER work for me,”  “I’m not a salesperson,” “I don’t know enough people,” “I’m too busy.”

5. HOPE: What if this COULD work for me?

6. ACCEPTANCE: I’m ready to jump in and go for it!

7. GRATITUDE: I’m so thankful for this side gig. The fabulous products, positive culture, great new friends and personal development are even better than I could have anticipated.

8. REGRET: Why in the world did I wait so long? This amazing company was offering me the opportunity of a lifetime and I can’t believe I put it off!

Which stage are you? Maybe Neora is for you, or maybe it’s not. You won’t know until you check it out. I won’t try to convince you, only share what I’ve discovered (which is better skin and health, and an amazing culture and fantastic support with I work with), and answer your questions.

Email me at [email protected] if you have questions, or want to sign up for or buy Neora products.  

*I help physicians get out of debt, and live wealthy lives quicker using the magic of personal finance, and multiple streams of income

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