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I am Dr. Nana Korsah, MD, a board certified internal medicine physician who is currently practicing. I primarily work as a hospitalist.

About two and a half years ago, I hit one of my lowest points. I was working long hours as a full-time nephrologist, my husband was away in another town pursing a higher degree, and I had two young children. While bearing the responsibility of working as a full-time nephrologist, a wife, and a mother, I became tired, overwhelmed, and my presence was lacking at home. I began to wonder if I could live my life differently.

Aside from missing numerous school functions, and birthdays and holidays, I had several awakening moments. The experience that stuck with me over the years was falling asleep while nursing my son. Between the buzzing sound of my pager and a crying baby, I still drifted off to sleep. At 4am my alarm went off and I woke up to prepare for work. As I attempted to quietly leave, my daughter woke up and asked, “why do you always leave us?” That morning, it snowed and the temperature dropped below zero degrees. Due to the weather conditions, I nearly had a car accident. Sobbing as I drove to work, I thought, “something has to change.”

Through it all, I knew that there had to be a better way to live my life. It was around that time when I discovered podcasts and began reading books that helped me view life differently. They helped me to see that I have to be more intentional in my life and live on my own terms. Subsequently, I found out about the coaching industry. Eventually, I came across a physician coach on a podcast who is now one of my mentors, Dr. Philippa Kennealy, MD. After working with her, my thinking was completely transformed, which changed my life. The shift in my mindset made it possible to achieve a personalized version of the elusive work-life balance. Having more time, energy, freedom, and flexibility to dedicate to my family was and is very important to me. I am proud to say that my life now reflects all of my priorities, and I live life on my own terms.

I have transitioned to working as a hospitalist on an as-needed basis. I have time to pursue other passions such as life coaching through CoachU. Amazingly enough, I did not have to sacrifice my medical career or my income in order to achieve this work-life balance. I wish I knew about life coaching much earlier!

Just as Dr. Kennealy remolded my life, I want to do the same for other physician moms like myself.

My mission is to equip physician mothers who have young children with what they need in order to have the work-life balance they desire; including awareness and transformation, inner peace, increased flexibility, more time for self and family, and financial freedom.

I am happy to work with you to construct the work-life design of your dreams. Book a 60min free balanced life jumpstart. I look forward to helping you renew your life!

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