A Physician’s Quickstart Guide to Locums

I am certain that many people have questions about locums; and if you are one of them, you came to the right place.

I first entertained the idea of doing locums and practicing medicine in a non-traditional way in 2015. Before I could move forward, I knew I had some homework to do. I began by talking to locum hospitalists I already knew, and they encouraged me to call their recruiters. I moved forward with reaching out to them, but there were no opportunities available at the time. I really wanted to stay in Indiana, but there were no open positions in Indiana within the time frame I was seeking.

Subsequently, I reached out to a friend who had been locuming for over five years. He told me that instead of talking to recruiters, I should go where the jobs are. He encouraged me to be proactive by searching on google for job openings, and reaching out to hospitals myself. So, I took his advice and reached out to recruiters who had listings I was interested in. It was a good thing that I took my friend’s advice, because I had two assignments lined up within a month! It was a game-changer.

To broaden my horizon and keep the door of opportunity open, I visited the below job sites and registered with them to get daily notifications about new locum tenens opportunities:








Changing the approach to my locums journey and taking initiative has served me well. On the other side of the spectrum, I have friends who have worked with the same recruiters for years. It works for them because they are willing to travel to many different places. To each his own! As you can see, there are options to choose from.

It has been four years since I started doing locums and I can’t believe it has been this long already! I am grateful that there was [and still is] room to choose which approach to locums best suits me. I chose the route with the most time flexibility and I could not be happier. With that being said, are you ready to give it a try? Go for it. There is nothing to lose!

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